The medically certified Bike Med has special functions for rehabilitation and sports training. It’s ideal for both medical use and for clubs that want to provide an exclusive and advanced medical assessment service. 

Cardio equipment for medical wellness

The Excite® Med range consists of professional cardio products adhering to the most rigorous safety standards – being 93/42/EEC and UL certified; and fully equipped with special training, testing and medical assessment functions that are highly recommended for rehabilitation and sports training purposes.

ECG and metabograph compatibility

Bike Med can interact with most commonly available electrocardiographs and metabographs. Speed and gradient adjustment is made possible because Bike Med is controlled directly by the ECG or metabograph software protocols.

Innovative technology

CARDIOMEMORY is a software application developed by Technogym that enables doctors, physiotherapists and sports trainers to acquire, visualise and analyse – in real time – all data relevant to tests or training sessions.

Rehabilitation & sports training

To ensure a wide scope of application, Bike Med features 10W to 1000W resistance levels and special resistance control functionality. The equipment can therefore be used for cardio rehabilitation up to professional sports training purposes.