Enjoy a more varied, stimulating and effective cardio workout: upper body rotary training improves your fitness, muscular strength, endurance and look.

Engaging Cardio

Excite® collection offers you a fully connected cardio experience. Its new UNITY™ 3.0 and TV consoles for personalised and diversified entertainment, new challenging workouts and innovative features are designed to deliver results in a fun and easy way. The new colours add a stylish touch to every space, and are the perfect solution for all facilities wishing to deliver special experiences.

Great versatility

Top can be used seated or standing up. The optional ergonomic seat (1) helps promote proper posture and assists in engaging core, back and shoulder muscles to achieve better total body stabilization. Top also features an optional seat with backrest for maximum comfort and support (2). The standing position (3) involves longer kinetic chains, engaging more muscles and increasing calorie consumption.

Multiple training options

Top enables you to recruit and train specific muscle chains by changing the position of the rotating handles, by varying the height of the hand cranks and by varying the length of the telescopic arms.

Forward-backward resistance

Achieve a more balanced workout and the complete involvement of all shoulder and torso muscles by alternating pushing and pulling movements.